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Hi, I'm Kiodour. NY-based BIM Manager.

I assist teams of Architects, Engineers, and Construction Professionals in enhancing their Digital Project Delivery using BIM + VDC.

To: ConTech Colleagues

Be it airports, high rise, government infrastructures, or hospitals – we often get caught up in the whirlwind of innovation and complexity. But today, I want to shift your focus back to the heart of what we do: the basics of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Construction Technology (ConTech).


Many of you, from newcomers to experienced pros, might find yourselves searching for a clear framework in this ever-evolving BIM landscape. Common challenges like integrating BIM into your workflow, troubleshooting, or the absence of clear best practices can hinder our progress. Let's address these not by chasing the latest AI buzz, but by mastering the fundamentals and doing them exceptionally well.


BIM is to streamline processes, foster collaboration, and enhance project outcomes. It's time to move away from the “we've always done it this way" mentality and embrace the tech that helps us to deliver projects. BIM, not as a daunting acronym, but as a powerful ally in delivering superior project outcomes.


Our focus should not waver from delivering projects that not only meet but exceed expectations. This means we need to be masters of our tools, understanding that BIM's power lies in its ability to simplify our processes and improve our outcomes.


Let's keep doing the basics exceptionally well, focusing on the big picture, nurturing relationships with our peers, and remembering that our aim as BIM and tech-focused professionals within the AEC Industry is effective project delivery.


Personal experience has taught me that things change for the better when we adopt a helpful attitude rather than “enforcing standards”. Each team member has their unique strengths and challenges – understanding and supporting them can make a significant difference.


Looking ahead, it's crucial to recognize that project delivery methods have the ability to make or break the effectiveness of BIM. For instance, in many cases, a design team model will often be recreated by the general contractor and trade contractors due to contractual obligations and constructability considerations.


Let’s support each other in achieving not only professional success, but also personal fulfillment from delivering exceptional projects.


Together, we're making a difference.

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