Helping you to Master the BIM Process
so you can Coordinate & Manage
better Construction Projects.


  • You’re an Architecture, Engineering or Construction Management student who wants to become a BIM Coordinator or BIM Manager
  • Maybe you’re an AEC professional looking to sharpen your BIM MEP Coordination & BIM Management skills
  • Or maybe you’re a seasoned AEC professionals looking to get verse in BIM process so you can better run your projects

It doesn't have to be this way

the solution to all your
bim coordination problem is to...

your Process​




A Little About Me

Hey! My name is Kiodour Brown and I’m a BIM Consultant/BIM Manager based in New York. 

  • I'm from a small village in the Remote Hills of Jamaica
  • I work as a BIM Manager for one of the finest General Contractor in Manhattan, New York.
  • I work as a BIM Manager for one of the finest General Contractor in Manhattan, New York.
  • I've worked in many roles in my AEC Career- 3D artist, Brand Developer, BIM Detailer, BIM MEP Coordinator & BIM Manager.
  • My chief aim is to help as many AEC Professionals Leverage BIM so they can Coordination better Construction Projects.
  • I'm adaptable and can be thrown in a project at any stage.

I would love to guide you every step of the way... from writing the perfect BIM scope to hiring the right BIM Contractor and also show you how to Manage the entire BIM Process so you can save time and money.

what i can do for you

You need someone who’s been there, someone that can give you the most efficient approach to solving your BIM/MEP Coordination Problems.

Here are the things i’m extremely good at… 

BIM Scope

Your Scope is the backbone of BIM Coordination (especially if you're outsourcing Coordination). Get it right or you'll be upcharge and before you know it you're paying 19%, 25% or even 50% more than what was initially proposed.

Can you serious afford to continue using a faulty Scope?

BIM Management

BIM Management is much more than clicking stuff in some fancy 3D programs. You need someone with multiple coordinated projects under their belt, who understands the nuances and ready to take action when something doesn't look right

BIM/MEP Coordination

Your Scope is the backbone to your BIM Coordination Process. Without an Effective one BIM Contractors will upcharge you ever step of the way and before you know it you're paying 50% more than what was proposed

BIM Files Audit

General Contractors often utilize Design Team's models as a basis for MEP Coordination to save time. But so often i've seen conflicts between Structural & Architectural which should be resolved before you dive deep into BIM MEP Coordination

1-on-one consulting sessions

  • 1 hr long
  • Over Skype, Zoom or Phone
  • Will focus on Project-specific BIM strategy, BIM Coordination, BIM Management and/or Scope review
  • Will get actual work done on the spot with actionable steps
  • If you don't know what you need I'll figure it out for you.

What is it costing you to keep your
BIM Coordination Problems?

Book 1 Session: $597

Book 3 Sessions: $1500


Other arrangements:

Ongoing BIM Coordination support: Starting at $7,500

A small price for company-wide gains.

Fill out the form below and I’ll  get back to you within in 1 business day. Let’s have a candid discussion about the services you need and see if I’ll be able to help.